Other Animals

Salish Sea Orcas, 36"Hx48"W,  acrylic and paper collage

Below the Tideline, 8"x 8" acrylic on canvas
Grace Bay Dragon, 6"x 6" acrylic on wood cradle
Arizona Sister, 6"x 6" acrylic
Painted Lady, 6"x 6" acrylic
Painted Lady in repose, 6"x 6" acrylic- SOLD
Tadpole Sculpin, 8"x 8" mixed media
Resting in the Pond Weed, 20"x30" mixed media.
Collaborative piece with Lyn Jackson- SOLD 
China Rockfish, 6"x 6" mixed media- SOLD
Greenling in the Garden of Kelp. 30"X30" mixed media on canvas.
A collaborative piece between Lyn Jackson and myself. - SOLD

Nest. 3o"x 80" mixed media on door panel. Collaborative,
commission piece between Lyn Jackson and myself
Six Cats, 24" x 30", mixed media on paper- sold
Commission, 18'X24" acrylic on canvas
Bumblebee Duet, 20"x20" acrylic on canvas
Red-legged Frog, 8"x10" acrylic and paper on canvas

Bee Mine, 6"x 6" acrylic on canvas - sold
Bumblebee II, 8"x 10" acrylic on canvas
Bumblebee Flight. 8"x 8" acrylic on canvas

Stretch, 18"X 24", acrylic on board
Two Cats on a Sill, 18"X 24", acrylic on board, sold
Rising Sun, 18"X 24", acrylic on board
String Game, 18"X 24", acrylic on board- sold
Hoofbeats, 24"X18", acrylic on board
Thermal Limits, 36"X 18", acrylic
Upstream, 22"X 28", acrylic
Barnacle Detail, 12"X12" acrylic
Seastar and Anemone, 10"X10" acrylic - Sold

Seastar and the Mussels, 30"X30" each diptych

Contact Vikki at vikki.jackson8@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of these works.